City Council
City of Yakima
District 2

About Me

/Personal Promise

Yakima is a beautiful place to live, but recently the violence has created a lot of fear in our community. We need strong leadership during these tough times to keep our neighborhoods safe. I believe that we need to invest in infrastructure here in District 2 so that our kids have safe parks and sidewalks. I live in here in District 2, if elected I promise to serve with ethics and honesty. I ask for your vote so that we can get to work on fixing our city.


Reducing Crime is my Main Priority

My strategy to reducing crime includes working closely with our police department to bring a new culture to community policing. I believe that if our police officers walk or ride a bike around town they can get to know the people they are serving a lot better. It’s important to find avenues to support and prevent our young adults from joining gangs. I will work with local youth groups and organizations to find how we can help underfunded programs that are effective in our community.  I will also work with other council members to allocate funding for a gang prevention program.


Long-Term Solution to a Homeless Shelter

Finding a long-term solution to a homeless shelter is a tough issue, especially because it’s located so close to home here in our District. It is important for our community to come to a consensus on how we can reduce the amount of people living on the streets and how we can best serve our most vulnerable community members.


Jobs and Business Growth

I believe that jobs and opportunities are very important. Creating jobs and bringing new businesses that will help grow our local economy is necessary.  I will work tirelessly to make sure Yakima has a competitive business environment so we don’t continue losing jobs and businesses to neighboring cities. We need to create business incentives and encourage growth. I am a job creator and businessman I have learned how to work with local, state, and federal agencies and officials. We need someone with proven skills to lead our city in these tough times.




Earning 1 vote at a time. People keep telling me that the issues we are focusing on in this campaign are important to them.


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